Nutrition; It is the maintenance of life and the consumption of nutrients that provide physical and biological progress brought by age. Nowadays, unfortunately, nutrition means regulation of nutrition when there is a discomfort that comes to mind when resting. But nutrition is vital in all stages of life. As a result of researches, it has been determined that many diseases are caused by malnutrition. Therefore, as the Nutrition and Diet Department of Private Vita Line Medical Center; We serve in the fields of Healthy and Permanent Slimming, Nutrition in Eating Disorders, Weight Gain and Nutrition in Special Diseases. Individual nutrition programs are implemented in all polyclinic areas where service is provided. These nutrition programs are evaluated and implemented in two different alternatives as preventive nutrition and curative nutrition.



Obesity is a chronic disease with increasing prevalence and is determined by the Body Mass Index calculation in proportion to the increase in body fat. The most important cause of obesity is the imbalance of energy consumed and energy taken. In addition, the accompanying Genetic Effect, Nutritional Order-Content, Physical Activity Status, Basal Metabolic Rate, Thermogenesis and Environmental Factors are effective in the formation of obesity.

The World Health Organization defines Obesity as “Abnormal or excessive fat storage that poses a health risk”. When your Body Mass Index, which is the number found by your weight divided by your height in square meters (kg / m2), exceeds 25 kg / m2 and your waist circumference reaches a certain number (102cm for men, 88cm for women), you need to change your diet and lifestyle. . If it exceeds 30 kg / m2, you should definitely learn to eat healthy with a nutrition and diet specialist. Otherwise, chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases will follow. Obesity is a chronic disease that can be prevented. Nutrition Consultancy in Private Vita Line Medical Center is completely individual and individual nutrition programs and controls are applied after a detailed evaluation.