In the light of today’s scientific developments, many diseases can be detected at their earliest stages and treated before they progress with the help of detailed physical examination, facilities provided by modern medicine and new generation examinations. Laboratory (blood, urine, feces, etc.), radiological examinations (x-ray, ultrasonography, mammography, computed tomography, MR, bone density, etc.), endoscopic examinations (upper gastrointestinal system endoscopy, colonoscopy, etc.) By using all necessary examinations such as echocardiography, a definitive diagnosis of the diseases can be made in the early period. Internal diseases department, which is one of the most frequently used clinics of hospitals, is of great importance because it is a clinic where many patients apply with initial symptoms of the disease. In the internal medicine clinic, also known as internal medicine, patients are treated meticulously by paying attention to all kinds of details, allowing possible diseases to be detected and treated by referring to this department or the relevant medical unit before they reach more serious dimensions.

Vitaline Medical Center Internal Diseases (Internal Diseases) clinic provides 24-hour uninterrupted service to all patient groups over the age of 15 with patient evaluation, examination, treatment and follow-up. With the diagnostic tests applied using the latest technology equipment, even diseases that have not yet shown symptoms are detected and treatment is started immediately. At the same time, patients who do not have any complaints and who are in the risk group due to age, gender, previous diseases and genetic factors are examined in detail with routine controls.