In addition to the treatment of general or regional problems in the body with surgical methods; It is a branch that covers issues such as injury and wound healing.

In our General Surgery department as Vitaline Medical Center; We mainly focus on the operations of three systems. The first of these; It is the endocrine system that includes breast and thyroid cancers and adrenal tumors. Especially in adrenal tumors, surgeries are performed with minimally invasive methods. The second is the gastrointestinal system, which includes laparoscopic colon and rectal cancer surgery, as well as stomach cancer surgeries. Third, the system we focus on is the operations performed for liver, pancreatic and biliary system cancers, which are defined as hepatopancreaticobiliary. In addition to traditional methods, minimally invasive methods are used for gallbladder cancer and some liver tumors.

In our General Surgery department, not only with surgeries; At the same time, we provide services in many different areas such as surgical intensive care, parenteral / enteral feeding and treatment of surgical infections.