Anesthesia is the general name for all types of numbness and its word meaning is numbness. A series of medical practices applied by anesthesiologists and reanimation specialists to ensure that the patient does not feel pain during surgery. The type of anesthesia to be applied is determined by the anesthesiologists and reanimation specialists, and it is given to the patient at the prescribed rates with devices called anesthesia delivery system to temporarily turn off consciousness. Eliminating consciousness, reflex and sensation while vital activities continue during the operation with anesthesia techniques that have been applied and developed for about 150 years, are very important for both the patient and the physicians performing the operation. Thanks to this application, which provides comfort to the patient during the surgery, the reflexes are suppressed and the muscle relaxation is provided, making the surgical intervention easier. It is also the specialty of the anesthesiologist to ensure the continuity of this situation throughout the operation period and to wake the patient with the termination of anesthesia drugs after the operation.